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Uniquely Malaysian and only found in Malaysia, Ipoh White Coffee is
a roast of coffee prepared using methods that combines elements of
modern approaches with traditional Malaysian brew. It was introduced
in the 19th century by Chinese migrants who came to work in the tin mines.

Traditionally, Malaysian style "black" coffee roast (also known as Hainanese
coffee; not to be confused with the serving style of coffee without milk) is produced
by roasting the beans with sugar and margarine. "White" coffee, on the other hand,
is produced with only margarine and without any sugar, resulting in a roast that is less
dark, hence the term "white" coffee. Note that the idea that white coffee is produced from
a different species of coffee is a common misconception; the species normally used in this roast is the Robusta.

The name "white coffee" is associated with Ipoh, due to it originating from Ipoh (in particular, its Old Town). Exceedingly popular in Ipoh, "white" coffee is slowly but steadily gaining a following in other regions of Malaysia and abroad.

For the sake of convenience and to keep up with the changing times, it is now widely available in the form of pre-packed instant coffee sachets which are freeze-dried. They only require the addition of hot water to prepare a cup of "white" coffee.

Best One Ipoh White Coffee is tasty in its own way. It is thick and has a nice coffee aroma that can be smelled from a mile away. Best One Ipoh Coffee tastes best if drank with toast and cookies.

Currently, Best One Ipoh Coffee comes in both original and mild flavor for those who doesn’t want too much of the coffee but yet wants the taste of the coffee and its available in 40gms 3 in One pre-packed sachets. The company is constantly exploring other flavors to add to their existing flavors of mild and original.

Where to get the coffee?
The coffee is currently not sold in the stores but that is being worked out. OEM supply is available in various quantity. Presently, Best One Ipoh White Coffee is being exported in large quantities to Xiamen, China, being its largest market.





冠壹的怡保白咖啡有独特的香味。它浓郁的香气更远传一英里远。冠壹的怡保白咖啡若和烤面包片或饼干享用味道更佳。前,冠壹的怡保白咖啡有原味和清淡两种味道给想要喝咖啡但不想喝太浓烈的咖啡爱好者,每三合一包装内有40gms 。该公司正积极寻找其他口味来添加至已有的原味和清淡口味内。

目前冠壹怡保白咖啡还没正式在本地上架,但可接受委托生产冠壹怡保白咖啡已经大量出口至中国夏门, 也是本产品的最大市场之一。